Some (Nigerian) Foods That Makes You Fat

Do you know that their are foods that makes you fat? Not just that, it will now come and settle around your waistline (a.k.a belly fat)? (Oh yes I can imagine you nodding your head in affirmation) I know you know but then you just can’t stop eating them because they are very inviting and tempting to ignore. Most times some people will say what is left to eat if I stop eating these available ones? The answer is nobody said you shouldn’t eat it at all but then if you must achieve that kind of body you want, drop the way you eat these foods.

(1)  White Bread

(2)  Egusi soup

(3)  Pounded yam or fufu

(4)  Bottled and canned drinks/foods

(5)  Alcohol

(6)  Biscuits

(7)  pastries

(8)  Baked Potato Chips

I believe in moderation. If you are finding it difficult to stop eating these foods, make yourself a food time table. There you can reduce the way you eat these foods and replace them with healthier options. In my next article I will let you know how.

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Why Food Is Beyond “Good” and “Evil”

I so agree with this


Orange-JuiceRecently, in response to a comment I made about the calories in fruit juice, a friend said to me that fruit juice is “evil.” I am a philosopher who does a lot of ethics. So “evil” means something quite severe to me. Hitler and Pol Pot were evil.  Fruit juice, not so much.

I checked back with my friend. No, he didn’t mean it was literally evil. Just that it’s as bad as a can of Coke.  Still pretty bad, if not downright evil. It’s a “sometimes” food, not an everyday food. Other anti-juice people jumped in to clarify further. Juice is really, really bad FOR you. Harley Pasternak demonized it the other day in his talk too.  He said that a cup and half of OJ has 240 calories. That’s not quite right, since a cup has 112 calories.

But I don’t want to quibble about orange juice in…

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