Bring Out That Beautiful Woman In You

So I asked a question in a group… What are you the qualities that attracts you to a woman? 90% of the guys said “Good Looks” and I was like ‘wow’ I thought every man is looking for a virtuous woman, a woman with a wonderful character as the saying goes “Character is the Beauty of a woman”. They actually completed it by saying that appearance is the first step and yes we all know that.

Now the question is why are some ladies not taking that seriously? You don’t have to complain about how good, kind and wonderful you are yet men are not coming through. Come on lady, go out there to that saloon, take care of your hair, go for a good make-over, get yourself sweetly dressed in what makes you shine, you know you got it, look beautiful and you’ll be surprised how it will boost your confidence.
Always remember, Don’t stop loving yourself just the way you are.

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