Abacha (African Salad)

Palm Oil
Grinded Dry Pepper
Seasoning (maggi, knorr, royco etc)
Utazi leaves
Fried/Dried Fish.
Pomo(Cow skin)
1.Wash your dry fish in warm water and
soak it in salty water. Keep it aside and
start the other preparations.
2. Pour the Abacha in a sieve and sprinkle
hot water on it and turn simultaneously
until it softens a bit.
3. Add potash in a cup or bowl and pour some cups of water.
4. Stir well and allow it to rest for a
minute. Pour the water into a separate bowl.
5. Place your frying pan on fire, when it
gets hot, bring it down and pour oil in it.
6. Melting the oil will help the oil to easily get mix with the Abacha.
7. Open your Ogiri.
Pour in the sieved akanwu and knead the Ogiri with your hand till it mix well.
8. Pour the Abacha into the mortar.
9. Add half of the melted palm oil.
Turn the mixture. If the palm oil is not
well-pronounced in the mixture add to
your desire.
10. Add Salt, Pepper, Maggi to taste.
If the Abacha is still not soft to
your taste, add the akanwu(potash) water into it or hot water and turn the mixture again. The more you add akanwu water into the Abacha; the more fluffy it becomes.
The delicacy is ready to be served.
Serve with fish, kpomo, utazi
Thank you Chioma Obiefuna for this recipe

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