Asusu and Ugbogho (African food, Nigerian)

Oh I love this food. No matter how you look at it, its a delicacy you need to try out. It is sweeter when cooked with the firewood believe me lol. “Asusu” is a very common dish among the Abiriba (in Abia state, Nigeria) people and yes I am from there. It is  made of corn starch, grounded with pepper, mixed well with salt added, wrapped with a local leave call akwukwo-asusu and steamed with water covering all the raps. Asusu is eaten with a popular vegetable soup called Ugboghor…mmm yummy. Just forget the back of the pot and enjoy what is inside, the locally prepared is often sweeter.  “Oto” (ground water-yam porridge) is also very popular among the Ebiriba people. The recipe will come up soon

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