Relationship Breakers

Maintaining a relationship sometimes can be difficult especially when you keep trying to make it work and its not clicking, but at the same time you’ll feel that you have the most amazing and wonderful partner. Yet many times with behaviors your partner show up you’ll feel like  breaking up .
Let’s look at some things that can break relationships that we are may be  ignoring of course except number (7) uh huh don’t check it out yet, let’s see:
(1). When your partner doesn’t back you up.
(2). Flirting with opposite sex.
(3). Public neglation
This is like watching your partner many times  as he/she carries on a conversation with a  person or group of people, while you’re sheepishly laughing along, smiling and nodding silently without being introduced. This shows just how low you are on their priority list.
(4). Lies
Especially the ones known as small lies. When you lie to save face or situations. Lying, no matter the reason or the outcome is always posing as a relationship breaker.
(5). Abuse
If your partner can go off their way  and really try to hurt you, that’s not a good sign. The other party is bound to leave someday for fear you might actually hurt them terribly.
(6). Scolding you publicly.
This can make you look like a child, believe me no adult wants to feel that way. She/he is not your parent and you’re not their child. You’re equals in that  relationship, so whatever  want to say  should be said in private and discuss it like adults. To scold you in public is right on the fast track to relationship crash.
(7). Cheating.
Now this is the mother of all relationship breakers. This is a slap on the face, cos here you watch everything you’ve taken time to build crumble before you. Thus breaking of the relationship.
To some people If they give a second chance, bad behaviors will be cultivated and it can also invite infidelity.

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